About Us 

Rakshsaa/Nitches believe that we simply are the guardians of all natural resources. Thus we endeavor to do everything humanly possible to minimize the damage and harm done to the environment in performing our complex and demanding manufacturing process.

We did not destroy the trees to build a cafeteria to our employees, instead we used them effectively to give us the natural shade and tranquility and joy and opportunity for the animals to be our associate partners. In response butterflies breed and birds’ nest in our cafeteria which we call an “ATRIUM”.

We contribute effectively to slowdown global warming by conserving the resources.

Plants that are endemic to the locality are used in the landscape design of the extensive garden surrounding the factory building in order to re create habitat for native biodiversity. Further , the shade created there by lends to making the factory a cool and aesthetically pleasing environment. We harvest rain water to help preserve the water table. 


A Conscious Corporate Citizen
Rakshaa/Nitches and the village

As a socially responsible corporate citizen we lend our hand to the village we live in. Rakshaa/Nitches has become a guiding light by helping the development of religious educational and cultural life of those live in this small village in the suburbs of busy Colombo. The village with a population less than 15,000 but rich in activities boast 5 government institutions,5 public schools, 10 private sector institutions,5 banks, 14 associations, 3 welfare homes, 2 children’s play grounds and 9 religious institutions. Rakshaa/Nitches liaise with them and help them whenever help is needed.

We have provided free office space to a Non Governmental Organization(The Neo Synthesis Research Centre) whose main focus is the ecological restoration of degraded landscapes.

Rakshaa/Nitches and differently able employees

Company as an equal opportunity employer employees differently able members of the society and have helped them to integrate with others on equal terms.